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Fuel pump failure

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My Titan has just 39K miles on it ( 05 4X4 ) . Yesterday I was driving home and the POS just quit. It cranked but would not restart , it had 1/4 tank of fuel.
I sprayed some starting fluid into the intake and it would fire that and run for a few seconds and then just die. The dealership worked on it all day and finally figured out that it was a fuel pump failure less than 40K miles!!

They have already replaced the fuel sender once , had to have the brakes redone due to "judder" had several electrical issues and this truck will eat tires with the front end aligned per the factory specs, I need to have a real front end guy align it ( out of spec ) to keep it from scrubbing the tires off. No , I don't use it off road and it has never been in a collision. I am really fed up with this truck , it spends more time in the dealership than in my garage.
What ever happened to Japanese reliability ?
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Sorry to hear of your problems. As for the fuel pump going at 39k there are a bunch of reasons that could happen and not all of them are the trucks fault. I think every truck maker has had problem trucks out there, you may have gotten one of Nissans. If you read around on these threads you will find others that have had problems trucks, but far more that have not. I have not. My truck has been dead reliable every minute of every day. If you feel the need to go to another brand, it's understandable with your experience, but look at the experiences of others as well. I was always a Ford man and walked away from them, but I had three bad trucks in a row. Maybe your the smart one and I am not. It's all a lottery. Wether you get another nissan or a different brand, your still buying a ticket. Good luck and I hope things get better.
What a first post!!!! Hate to hear of your troubles. What luvbelly said rings true. All manufacturers build a poor/bad product every now and then. Couple of questions: What year? Do you regularly let your truck go down to where the fuel light comes on or even down to a quarter tank as you mentioned? Also, when was the sender unit done? Just about all of the 04's and early 05's have had brake judder/repairs done. The alignment thing/tire eating is a little new to my ears. Where are you and what are the roads like?

Before you get bashed into oblivion, you may want to cool off a little on the bashing of your own. There are absolutely great guys on here that would be willing to help/troubleshoot/give advice, but they may not if you continue with the bashing of what we mostly consider to be an outstanding truck. Just my .02
While I'm sorry you had a problem, you also have to keep in mine it is a man made part, and is prone to failure just as any man made mechanical part is. Unfortunately there is no way to determine what part will fail and what one wont until it actually does. I know i'd be pissed if it happened.
try working on aircraft, parts are expensive and still fail.
ecmeyla said:
try working on aircraft, parts are expensive and still fail.
a bit of a different concept, but okay... failed fuel pump in Titan = stuck on side of road... compared to... failed fuel pump in aircraft = one hella huge cleanup scattered across a few miles of wilderness...
My truck did the dieing act Thursday but the engine just shut off, it didn't act like it was running out of gas.
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