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Sabre66 said:
Has anyone else noticed that when they fill their tank (and the pump automatically shuts itself off) it doesn't fill to the "F" line on the gauge in the dash? Or is it just me? I use the same gas station every time, but rarely the same pump each time.

I filled mine up yesterday after 4 days worth of driving (16+ gal) and when i got in the truck the gauge wasn't at the "F" mark. I refilled it and it took another 1.2 gallons. Maybe this is why some of us are getting better than average MPG figures and others aren't. Just a thought.

After this fill-up i took a 250 mile trip back to PA, so as soon as i fill-up this AM i'll post my MPG figure to see what it's at (the gauge shows just a tick below half-a-tank). I'll check to see if the tank actually filled completely this time as well. Have a good weekend ya'll. :upsidedow

I filled mine up the other day and it took about 20 miles before it finally reached the full mark...It was really really really slow getting to the full mark..
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