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Fuji Univance TX15A Trasfer Case Rebuild

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Fuji Univance TX15A Transfer Case Rebuild

I am starting this thread to document my adventure with a TX15A Transfer Case drop, rebuild, and re-install in my 2006 Nissan Titan SE King Cab.
I bought the truck from my neighbor approximately 4 years ago. Due to a medical condition he could no longer get up into it. He had a work vehicle he drove most of the time. The truck was 6 years old with 45K miles. I bought it for $8,000. I found out later that I got it for less than half of book value. Although he had general maintenance done, he was not "Kind" to it. I started to get a pretty good "Clunk" in the drivetrain. I would experience it when I did a "drive, reverse, drive" 3 point type maneuver. When I started going through fluid changes of the Diffs, Transmission, and Transfer Case, there wasn't a whole lot of fluid in the case. No abnormal metal shards on the drain plug. There was a small drip coming from the case itself. I had a couple of loose bolts. It seems pretty common. Regardless, it needed a fill. The extent of the problem became apparent once it was brought to level. It was spraying all over the exhaust "Y" pipe. A smell I don't want to experience again anytime soon. Post 2: so what now?
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This is a really interesting thread, I compliment your story telling ability. However.... you never provided any of the details you promised.

What was in the BK505 kit? What wasn't in the BK505 kit?
Where are all the part numbers you mentioned you would share.
No pictures of what you found inside?

" I would like to tell you that you could replace this without cracking the case open " What does that mean? You can, you can't?

" The rear main seal, and the 3 bolts talked about many times here." What 3 bolts (picture?), talked about where ? Link to a thread.

You're a great storytelling writer, you just left out ALL the details that would make this an epic thread.

Thanks for the link to the bushing.
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