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Full audio install, couple questions

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Hey guys,

I installed a pioneer 3200bt awhile back. Now Im finally getting around to upgrading everything else. I ordered a set of infinity 3032cf 3.5's, a pair of 692.9i 6x9's, a pair of 62.9i 6.5's, and a pair of 329cf 3.5's.

I plan on putting one set of 3.5's in the rear doors where the tweeters used to be, and one in the dash where the factory 2.75's were. Wondering if anyone has done anything similar.

Planning on running all that jazz on a planet audio 4 channel amp. Ill be adding some subs and a second amp shortly. Just gotta decide what I want to run.

Input. Comments? Thoughts?
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Sounds good, but I think getting the 3.5s in the dash might be a challenge. I put 3.5s in the pillars, but that is because I planned on the cage tubes going through the stock speaker holes.
Any chance of posting a pic of your 3.5's in the pillars? Mine dont HAVE to go in the dash. I could always add a 1" in the grille there later if necessary.
I'm just about done with my setup, just waiting on my box from Tech12Volt.

I ended up putting some 6.5 in rear doors of my extended cab, and Kicker 6.5" component set up front. I took the factory 2.5" out of the dash and used them as a template for tweeter mounts. I cut some ABS plastic, drilled a 1 3/4" hole in the middle, and mounted the tweeter. It's night and day compared to the factory setup. If you are curious I can post a few pics....
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jonathan could you post up some pics i am very interested to see what you are running and how it came to be
Sure. As I said I am still waiting on my box from Tech12Volt, but here's how I mounted the tweeters:

I was able to put the factory grill back on, but just barely! You will need 8 new "Christmas Tree" fasteners as I like to call them to hold the new mounts in, since I destroyed the factory ones pulling them out of the stock speakers.

The tweeter wires go down to the crossover on each side that fit perfectly behind the kick panels. And then from there the crossovers tie into the 6.5 in the door, installed using a 6x9 to 6.5 adapter plate.

Just as some advice, take a few minutes to remove the wire boot that runs from the cab to the door to run your wire. :)
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Looks good. I like the abs it should hold up well for you.

Anyone else who wants to post custom install pics go for it.
There is a pic of the passenger grill in this thread. It shows parts of my build.
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