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Fumoto valve for transmission drain plug?

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Hello all,
I am preparing to change the transmission oil in my '08 with 95K miles on her. I dont know if the previous owner did a change on it or not.

My plan is to do a simple drain and fill and repeat that every few hundred miles until i get fresh clean oil coming out. However, i am not looking forward to removing the drain plug that often. I am wondering if anyone has fit a Fumoto valve to their transmission? I heard somewhere that the drain plug for the transmission is the exact same one as the engine oil drain plug. If so, perhaps i can use this Fumoto valve to ease things up quite a bit?

The relevant size for the Nissan Titan is the F103, or the F103N. Wondering if my assumtion that the drain plug is the same as engine drain plug is true?

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I agree! That does not seem like a good idea at all.
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