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Fumoto valve for transmission drain plug?

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Hello all,
I am preparing to change the transmission oil in my '08 with 95K miles on her. I dont know if the previous owner did a change on it or not.

My plan is to do a simple drain and fill and repeat that every few hundred miles until i get fresh clean oil coming out. However, i am not looking forward to removing the drain plug that often. I am wondering if anyone has fit a Fumoto valve to their transmission? I heard somewhere that the drain plug for the transmission is the exact same one as the engine oil drain plug. If so, perhaps i can use this Fumoto valve to ease things up quite a bit?

The relevant size for the Nissan Titan is the F103, or the F103N. Wondering if my assumtion that the drain plug is the same as engine drain plug is true?

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Wow thanks for that tip. I have been unaware of the MityVac. Sounds super useful and clean. I have messed up the threads on the drain bolt of motorcycle and have always been paranoid ever since.
a) Does this reach all the way into the innards of a motor or transmission? I see that it has soft extensions that should get into tight places. Does it get everything out?
b) Why have i never seen a shop such as a jiffy lube or dealership use this if it is more efficient?
Another question:
given that most manufacturers say to "drain and fill" transmissions, and not "flush", what kind of extraction does this pump do for transmissions if it is connected to an air pump like the Mityvac 7300 series?
Given that the regular Fumoto 103 (as compared to a 103N) looks barely 5mm-10mm taller than a regular drain plug, do you guys think it will really risk damage to an already tall Pro4X that never gets offroaded? Ofcourse, i dont want to invite trouble, but it doesn't "look" that tall.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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