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Funny story that ended up with me in the mud

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I have no problems making fun of myself, and this part of the forum is dead so here it goes you can have a laugh at my expense. My Mom sends me the article last week that said the Japanese drink what amounts to 5 4 OZ glasses of water (160ml) every morning as soon as they wake up and then don't eat or drink anything else for 45 mintues. It listed all the health benefits they enjoy because of it. I thought I would give it a shot, not like being very hydrated in August is going to hurt anyway. I have about a 1.5 hour drive to work. Yesterday I barely made it and was doing the pp dance on the way in the door. Today I get to the construction part of 121 where 121 and business 121 merge and my teeth are about to float. I had already decided I might need to make a "pit stop" at the conv store at the next light Well I get there and traffic is backed up, must be a wreck somewhere up the road. I'm sitting there dying and traffic isn't moving. I start considering jumping the curb and driving down to where they are building the road, no one is down there and lots of weeks to somewhat hide me. Once I considered that, there was no way I was going to be able to sit for no telling how long until I can turn at the light. So I jump the curb, drive through the weeds, down the hill and jump out, and relieve myself hidden behind the door, I don't even think I took my truck out of gear (you'll understand why it didn't move in a sec). Felling pretty damn good about myself I drive up until I can get to a spot to get back on the road and see what looks like just a little sand, well it hasn't rained in a week or so so I thought nothing of just continuing accross. Bad idea, it wasn't sand, it was mud, deep mud, my truck just sinks. I spend about 20 minutes rocking it back and forth progressing about a foot back each try until I'm finally out. I then go around it, and jump the curb again where there will eventually be an offramp right in front of a bunch of Colony cops, this is where the wreck that was holding up traffic was. They all give me the eye and I don't know its because of where I was coming from or the fact that my truck is covered in mud. I didn't care if they gave me a ticket, I had to go that bad. They didn't, just stared me down as I drove by, flinging mud everywhere.
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that was but mainly just funny
Nothing like a good o'll fashion Gatoraid bottle to relieve yourself with.
Haha - At least you got out of the mud. Now that would've sucked!
It can always be worse my friend. You could have locked your keys in your truck while it was running and then gotten your manjunk caught in your zipper in your hurry.

Sounds like all things considered, you faired pretty well.
When I first got stuck I sat there for a minute thinking that I better sum up everything I know about getting un-stuck because how the heck is a wrecker going to get me out of here. I had a big glass of iced tea I considered dumping out to use, but it would be my luck that I would have ended up with it all over me. I'd rather go in to work covered in mud that urine. Anyway, thought someone could use a laugh.
Cool story. Don't wash the truck for the rest of the week. Let the Titan wear that mud with pride. It will, if nothing else, show the non-believers that the Titan is ready for anything and everything and is a very capable "off-road" vehicle.
I know the spot your talking about. I would have done the same thing if I had to go that bad.
Motorcycle tires
Good story you could just do it in the floor board next time. :)
haha been there man, only it was #2.. good think i keep paper towels in the truck

i've been in snow before, hopped out of the truck with it in 4wd in drive... and not realized it.. i got back in and got that "oh ****" feeling really bad because of what could have happened.
...are you still on the Water Diet?:fktardxpl
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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