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Fuse block/terminal block mounting

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So I am getting ready to clean up the wiring in the engine bay for all my lights. I am wanting a centralized location for the relays and fuses. If anyone has done this I would love to see how and know how and where everyone put everything for some ideas. Extra light is great a birds nest of wires under the hood is not.
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So here is the new setup. Will post before and after pic once I get it installed and all wired up. Just waiting on the blue rock lights to get here.


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Thanks, I ran all the switch wire through the rubber boot on the driver side fire wall then up to the factory wire harness and over to the passenger side
Here is a couple of pics the 1st one is the wire running along the factory loom t the top back of the engine bay and the 2nd is where the wires are coming into the cab on the driver side. And it look like I will be having to reroute that dang white wire didn't notice that before


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Blue sea block $35, relays like 10, distribution block 5, and like another probably 20-30 for wire and connections.
Hey man, this setup looks good! The only recommendation I would make is to remove your accessory system negative lead or "ground" from the battery and find a good place to ground it out to the chassis. There is a lot of literature of why you don't want to do this on the internet but in short, with the cables going directly to the battery, you run the risk of pulling power from critical systems and efficiency of alternator, and you are now relying more on the main battery ground cable to carry the amps of your accessories as well. Besides that, it looks awesome. great work
Thank you sir that makes sense. I think I am going to move it, I do have other grounding wires to the chassis off the alternator, starter engine and transmission. Don't know if that helps any. I do appreciate the input. Have read a lot of your post and you seem very knowledgeable
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