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FYI --- Must Read!

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Read if you've replaced your lights to LEDs.

Some of you may have read some of my previous post on "power loss" only at night... I recently narrowed down that the power loss only happens when my headlights turn on (hence he power loss only at night).

After figuring that out... I took the truck to a local mechanic who tested voltage to all eletronics, battery, throttle body and etc. He came up empty handed and broke down and told me because of my truck he is considering buying the consult II. He told me my last resort was to take it to the "stealer" and have them hook it up to the consult.

So yesterday i took it to the stealer in the morning and went to work... during lunch i recieved a call from the service manager and he said my truck was ready for pickup. I asked him what the problem was and he said it was the battery that it had 2 bad cells (i recently replaced the battery 2 months ago from firestone). He said $130 for a new battery so i said no problem... if thats what the problem was then ok... ive been having this MYSTERY problem with the truck for over 3 months... if a $130 battery from the dealer was going to fix it then fine.

After work i rushed to the dealer... paid... jumped in the truck... i floored it and it had balls... i turned on the lights... floored it... and all the horse power was gone... SAME PROBLEM!

I rushed back to the dealer and told the service manager that they truck was still losing power when the headlights are on... he calls a tech to test drive the truck with me... the tech jumps in and we go around the block and he steps on it and it takes off... i tell him to turn the lights on and try again and he turns on the lights and floors it and then truck barely moves... he said it diffenently isnt fixed and this isnt normal...

The tech was a cool guy and asked me what have a i done to the truck... i told him HIDs in lows and fogs... but that the truck was doing this before i put the HIDs in... so he said what else have i done... and i told him other then HIDs all i have done is LEDs interior and exterior... he asked me which ones... so i pointed to the areas where i have replaced the bulbs to LEDs... finally i walk to the back of the truck and i point at the LED brake lights with projector lens... and hes like u no what... one time i had a car in here that was having problems due to LED brake lights like the ones in my truck... but he jus told me to go inside and set up an appt for monday since they were closeing up that he wldnt advise me to leave the truck over the weekend.

So i went back to talk to the service manager and told him that i wanted my battery back and a refund... that althought he said my battery had "2 bad cells" it was working fine. It was bullcrap from the get go i replaced the battery 2 months previous... He had a hissy fit and told me that he will refund the battery on monday when i bring the truck back and he will discount it from the repair of what ever is wrong with the truck. It was late so i just said fine... and left.

On my way home... i kept thinking about what the tech said about the brake lights... so i just stopped by autozone and picked up a pair of regular bulbs for $4 and right out side replaced the LED brake lights for the regular bulbs.
I wasnt very convienced by for peace of mind i figured i would atleast rule out the LED brake lights from being the problem... or least i thought! i finished up jumped in the truck and i floored it and it took off... i turned on the headlights... crossed my fingers... and floored it and... IT TOOK OFF! no power loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The LED brake light bulbs was killing the horse power... it was interfereing with the throttle body... and im not kidding... when we hooked up a reader to the truck when the headlights were on and it was still losing power it was reading that the pedal sensor was sending a full open throttle signal to the throttle body... but the throttle body wasnt opening all the way.

So removing the LED brake light bulbs and replacing with regular bulbs fixed this problem... as weird as it sounds.

Bottom line is... this might be some good info for anyone experiencing a similar problem and has replaced bulbs with LEDs. Im still leaving all my other lights LEDs though...

I purchased these brake light LEDs from Armaden just like all my other bulbs... he is a great guy and has awesome product and service but this would be good info for him aswell as anyone thinking about replacing their brake lights for LEDs.

The LEDs that were causing the problem where the LEDs with the projector lens... if you guys want a picture of the bulb i can post one.

Sorry for the long as story... but i thought this could be of some help for someone in the future!

BTW... im going to the stealer first thing in the morning to drop kick the service manager and getting a refund and my battery. that they better still have... if not they are screwed and have to give me a FREE battery (i hope)

either way... im looking at it that if i had to pay $130 for this fix i would have... its a win win situation. definently not telling them what fixed the problem... fuk them! lol.
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that is awesome stuff man thanks! I to have leds and I am really happy with them.. even with one ghost. I never cared to mess with the brake lights(tails) though. Makes you wonder what the difference is between those single led projectors and the entire taillight assembly companys sell with leds.
I use the projector as my third brake light, the cargo's and my reverse lights. I do not have any power problems for over a year now.

sounds like a good question for baseballfanz.

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Long post, but well worth it. Thanks.
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Thank you for this! I'm having this same issue with my led tail/ brake lights... with my lights off, full throttle, tap the brake enough for the light to come on, power loss. My "guy" who sold me the LEDs is saying to add a resistor.... I'm not convinced this will work.... I am wondering if anyone had found any brand of LED tail/turn/brake lights that do not cause this issue, as I like my bright lights...
Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I don't want to go back to incandescent lights, but will if that's my only fix.
Again, Thank You In Advance.
Side notes:
¹After about 30/45 minutes of driving, my SLIP light, will light up and stay on.
²With my lights on, and in gear, it's derating, however when I put it in neutral,(lights still on), and rev the engine, there's no throttle response issue.
Again, HUGE Thanks To ANYONE That Can Help!
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