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G-Tech SS Help!!

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Ok figured out how to calibrate for starters. But the website shows that mine (the SS cheaper one), will show 1/8mi and 1/4 times. I cannot get it to do anything other than 0-60 and 1/4. It also says i can do a run from 40-90mph but it will not get in that mode. I have read through the entire manual and it says to scrol through to "drag racing mode" etc., but it doesnt give me thouse options. all i can do is view my runs and options with the "menu" button, and push "OK" to start recording. Am i missing somthing here?? My G Teh looks nothing like the pics in the manual with the options and speedo pic. Also when i click "gtech forums" on their homepage it goes right back to the main page. Is this a cult? help please!!!!!
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