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Galaxy Black Tonneau for CC Titan in FL

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Just bought a used Titan and it came with the tonneau. It's a fiberglass cover paint matched Galaxy Black. It's a really nice, but I just am not a fan of covers. The only problesm with it is one of the pistons is bad. Other than that, it's in really great major scratches. So if anyone is interested and lives around Central Florida, or would be willing to drive to pick it up, let me know. I'll send pics to serious inquiries. PM or just post in the thread if you're interested. I'm not going to give a price, but will consider any reasonble offers.
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There is a fading sticker on the underside of the cover that says Truck-O-Rama...which is a local place that likely installed the cover. My best guess would be that it's a Covermaster E-300. Not 100% sure though.
Cover retails for about $900. I'll take $550.
Just removed tonneau today and can confirm that it's a Cover Master E300. It's hanging neatly in my garage waiting for someone to pick it up....

$550 obo.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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