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Gas mileage after first tank fillup

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After driving the first 340 miles I filled up again pumping 21.1 gallons. The mpg. came out to 16. This was mostly highway driving keeping the speed limit around 65 and trying not to go over 70.
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Good! Thanks tikigod. I admit I do not drive this truck like I drove my Pathfinder. I was a little heavier on the foot if you know what I mean. Having said that, I'm convinced that relatively speaking the gas mileage I was getting before (around 20mpg) was not that much to brag about based on the fact that I had a much smaller vehicle with an engine that while good was not as powerful or as much fun to drive as the Titan. The Pathfinder was good, but the Titan is in a class by itself.

tikigod said:
Thats pretty nice for the size truck the titan is.
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