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Gas mileage improves after bed cover installed?

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Has anyone done this test?

Also, If I rememebr correctly, someone mentioned that Nissan designed the cabin such a way that the air just flow right above the gate to prevent air block from the gate. Can someone confirm? I look at the cabin's top how it's inclined toward the rear, it seems to confirm it.

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Years and years ago (I think it was in the seventies, during the gas crisis) Car and Driver tested some pickups with and without tailgates. IIRC, for some trucks, removing the tailgate improved mileage, for others there was no effect. And as I recall, the removal of the side mirrors significantly improved the mileage.

One way to check for airflow on the Titan would be to tape a long, light weight ribbon to the top of the cab, and watch how it flows over the bed when the truck is in motion.
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