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GCWR question

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Greetings! I have an 04 XE 4x4, owned it just one week so far. From reading in the Towing and Hauling forum, I've learned that replacing my P tires with LT will increase by towing capacity. My question: will this also increase my GCWR limit?

Follow-up question: do the tires on the TT make a difference? They probably use decent tires to begin with, but just being thorough.


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Physically, yes, maybe (springs are still an issue), but not a bit legally. Yes, the BT XE has a slightly heavier tire. LT is good if you tow a lot. They take more curb hits, heat up less, but weigh more, so cuts performance and mileage.
Most people here are comfortable with the tow ratings of a XE non-tow having the same spec's as a SE non-tow when the tires on the XE are upgraded.
That would put your GCWR at 13,000 lbs...Not too shaby...
Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

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