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Gear for towing

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Just got my Nissan and am confused about what gear to pull in.The book says don't pull in OD. Then it says using the tow/haul wil keep it out of OD. So -
where do I put the gear shift lever -- in OD or in 4?
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there are quite a few threads on this, you could probably search it. but i tow in 4th with tow mode on and it works great for me.
I second that i also tow in tow mode and manually put it in 4th i tow around 9000 pounds
I thought the only function of the 'tow' button was to adjust shift points... but if the book says it also locks it out of OD it probably doesn't matter where you leave the shifter (4 or D)... it should be exactly the same.

On possible difference I just thought of.... My truck only does the 'auto-downshift' thing when braking or going downhill while in 'D' so depending on if you want that turned on you could go for D or 4.
I only tow in 1st.
Do you have the Big Tow option? Tow Mode does not lock out OD, all it does is change the shift points. I tow in OD with tow mode off when towing my bass boat (2500lbs). When I'm towing my TT (7000lbs) I tow in 4th with tow mode on. You really only need to tow in 4th when your pulling something heavy (5000lbs or more.)IMHO
Thanks to those responding to my question about gear for towing. It really helped! Maltese
maltese said:
Thanks to those responding to my question about gear for towing. It really helped! Maltese
The question should have been "what" are you towing? If its a single jet ski leave it in O/D. If heaver then my EX (2500lbs) then 4th would be a better choice.

I pull a 29ft 8000lbs TT and the Titan does this with ease. <-- Yes I use 4th for this monster.
supertitan said:
tow in 4th plus tow highway and city just don't go over 70mph 75mph towing!
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