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Gear Shift problem

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Hi: My name is shottiemar, I reside in Jamaica. I have a 2006 LE Titan. One Sunday evening drive I was attempting to put the truck in reverse. It went into park instead and thats it. The gear lever refuses to move from park to any other position, even after switching off and on again. Any suggestions? I'm stuck in the middle of the road.

Thanks in advance
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did you figure it out?? I saw the other old thread you pulled up. did you try looking at that fuse or manually unlocking the shifter gate?
Also i know that the shifter will not move out of park if the brake pedal is not pressed. There is 2 wires that it triggers make sure they are connected by seeing if the brake lights illuminate. did you get it new/used?
shottiemar said:
I have a 2006 LE Titan.
shottiemar said:
Its a new 2005 LE Model.

some kind of blend model? lol
the brakes are going to the floor??? does it feel like there is no pressure in the brakes?? this sounds strang hope you got it towed to the dealer or home
shottiemar said:
Oh dear , Thanks much. I managed to raise the cap and released it with a disposable dinner fork.

I made an error by saying 06, it's really 05. So its not such a blend. lol... I wish they could manufacture those. Thanks very much for the help. I'm most grateful. I'm safe and home and my is wife is happy.
good to hear glad ur safe. hopfully you can figure out the origin of the problem
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