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Gear Shift problem

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Hi: My name is shottiemar, I reside in Jamaica. I have a 2006 LE Titan. One Sunday evening drive I was attempting to put the truck in reverse. It went into park instead and thats it. The gear lever refuses to move from park to any other position, even after switching off and on again. Any suggestions? I'm stuck in the middle of the road.

Thanks in advance
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Thanks for the reply. It's still a problem. Its a new 2005 LE Model. The brake light does illuminate and I pressed the brake pedal all the way to the floor. I been checking on a number of fuses but they are so many of them and they are so tiny. All seem to be ok. How do you manually release the shift? Is there a button somewhere? I'm searching but have found none so far.
dss90c said:
The manual shift release is located just above the "P" indicator on the console. You will need to remove the plastic cap to get at it.
There is a little circle just above the P indicator on the console , Is this the manual shift release. I'm checking but I'm not seeing anywhere where it can be removed. Do I have to like break it open?
Oh dear , Thanks much. I managed to raise the cap and released it with a disposable dinner fork.

I made an error by saying 06, it's really 05. So its not such a blend. lol... I wish they could manufacture those. Thanks very much for the help. I'm most grateful. I'm safe and home and my is wife is happy.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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