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Gear Wheels

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I was wondering if anyone new anything about GEAR wheels. I have found a set that i love but i do not no anything about the brand. And anyone running NItto dune grappler's love the look but want to no what kind of mile i am going to get out of them.:hi:
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I googled Gear Alloy and found their website, but no specs. Waynes Wheels was listed as a dealer, but no specs there either. The "Double Pump" is HOT! If it came in a full polish I'd try harder to find them. I just can't see black or black combo wheels on my Majestic Blue. Others have done it. I guess I'm just too picky. Post if you find specs though as I'm always curious.
i just had GEAR 717MB wheels put on my black z71 yesterday i got them for $125 a piece new. very impressed with the quality
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