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Just thought I'd drop a quick review in for this tire. They came new on my truck when I bought it. Now at 40K miles on them. Considering the neglect they have seen from only one rotation and about 25 runs at the track in 4wd, they have held up pretty well. All 4 tires are at about 7/32-8/32's of tread left. there is one standout that is still over 10. They ride nice without a lot of road noise. My maggie exhaust may be covering some of the noise up though.

As far as performance in weather, they act identical to the BFG AT's. They are pretty much a clone as far as tread pattern. Light rain and light(dusting) of snow, pretty horrible in my opinion. Packing snow and snow over 3 inches deep they are much better. Dry roads they are fine and have pretty good grip for an AT with a hard compound.

In all honesty, I wouldn't buy these. I wouldn't buy the BFG At either though as I've had them in the past and there are much better tires out there for the money. BFG is riding on it's reputation for the past 10 years and still making sales. Certainly not because of any new innovations. But, for those of you that like the BFG, these are a great tire with an almost identical build and treadwear for less money.
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