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Really bummed , though, because it was supposed to be today... :crying:
I always considered myself mostly a Ford guy but not rigidly so. The wife drives a Ford Escape (what a great little SUV!) My daughter drives a Mercury Mystique and I had been driving a Chevy Silverado Z71 4X4 the last few years mostly because the F150 extended cab was TOO SMALL.
The Chev has been OK, but is bland, uninspiring and frankly, the constant gear hunting when towing drives me nuts.
The new F150 to my eye looks like a holdover F250 design and while that's.....nice, it has no soul, no attitude (the Dodge is just too much of a semi caricature).
That brings me to the Titan. I ordinarily wouldn't have considered an import name, but I was intrigued and after some digging, found that it was designed and built in the US, in fact, with about 60% US content and almost 80% North American content (my Chev was built in Canada and so does Ford).
I saw the Titan in the show room and I have to say it stirred this 50 year old soul - what a perfect mix of attitude and clean good looks. And then I drove it. Forget the F150 (too slow!), what a joy that Titan drivetrain is! That plus Trailer Boat Magazine's Tow Vehicle of the Year Award seals the deal.
So tomorrow there will be a new Smoke Titan SE Kingcab 4X4 w' the Popular Captain Chairs, Big Tow and Utility Bed packages in the driveway. And you may hear me singing "Smoking the Hemi's" (to the tune of "Smoke on the Water" sorry Deep Purple) driving down the road someday.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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