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..and i don't know anything about them. i think i've figured out my offset i like- i want the -12 or -18 offset. no leveling kit nor lift. i want 20" wheels at 305/55/20. should i get 20x10 or 20x9 on my 2006? i'd rather not do the PWM if possible. i think i'm going with the moto metal 951 black wheels and nitto TG's.

all help would be APPRECIATED!!!! :redblob"
Thats an aggressive stance for no lift. I am no expert on this however just ordered new wheels/tires myself. Went with 20x9 Fuel hostage with a +14 offset and and 33x12.5x20 they will stick out a little more than an inch compared to stock. You can either look up posts by Norcal 4x4 or pm him. The guy is very knowledgable on this subject and does not mind helping. Good luck and make sure to post pics of your decision. Also Blevinger is running the 305/55/20 on some BMF Novakanes.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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