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getting stuck in gear....

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if its in park its stuck or some times it gets stuck in drive...? went to dealer said might be bad selonoid? any body have this problem, its so f ing annoying.. said wont chang it till it happens all the time not just here and ther ... b.s im bringing it in tomorrow fix it or i drive through the service center
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Keep on the dealership service center. If they are going to sell these things, they need to back them up. I've had to push on a couple of issues of mine but politeness and being able to tactfully stand my ground has paid off.
Is this with the engine running? On level ground? Or have you stopped the engine and now the tranny is bound up because you're stopped on an incline?
yes truck is running, and on level ground. went today, they said it happened before and ther going to change the whole shift assembly...(mine is on the floor) and gave me a 08 silverdo rental .... ha ha p.o.s:deathsent
Good to hear. Hope this resolves it. Sorry about the rental.
said they switched out the whloe shift assembly... got home and it did it again so......... either someones lying or the odds of getting a defective one are good.... go figure... thats it tomorrows his last chance then they pay....:flame:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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