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Gibson or MBRP???

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I'm thinking about getting a dual exhaust kit and I have narrowed it down to the Gibson 8200 kit and or the MBRP S5402AL Kit. Both are dual straight out the rear.

Just want some opinions as to which one seems better than the other.

The MBRP has a DI/DO muffler but it seems to be a Y pipe on each end of the muffler. Gibson has a Y pipe set up with a SI/DO muffler design.

Here is a link to both install sheets so you can see how the set ups look.
The Gibson PDF seems to take a long time to pull up on my pc.
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My vote goes to MBRP because it looks stainless the gibson does not.
I have the MBRP single exhaust and it is nice. Looks good and sounds good. It does get a little loud at times though.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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