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GM Comparisons..2011 models

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Sorry GM, you're 2nd on this one...

and this one. Front to back, you lose.

Not bad from a model that is almost a decade old now and their (Nissan) first run at full size.


Not bashing, I still think GM is the 2nd best out there. I just did the comparison test on the GM site vs the Titan, F150 and Tundra and was amazed that in the photo comparisons that the Titan didn't look 'dated' at all. Hope the tsunami/fuel prices don't halt the next gen Titan, it would be interesting to see what Nissan has up it's sleeve.
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Ha, well at least after 100 + years:read: of making trucks, they finally got a locking tailgate. You might want to do something with the rear window GM...a solid hunk of glass is just a tad dull. :teethmast
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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