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Gnarly Vibration at Freeway Speeds after Offroading

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I went riding this weekend and tested my new coilovers and a-arms. While offroading I hit the right front end on a little mound of dirt and bent the skid plate. On the home, with my bike in the bed and had no vibrations. Unloaded and rinsed the truck off and drove on freeway to dry it off and vibrated my whole body, made my vision a little blurry and the dash was shaking pretty bad too. It doesnt vibrate constantly but when it does its bad. I'm thinking maybe that right front wheel might be unbalanced. Do you guys have any other suggestions?
Heres a pic of the goodies. Going to Johnson Valley this weekend, will take more pics. Not as windy as Ocotillo Wells.



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bigjimbo said:
check for caked mud on the you have stick on weights? I've had those fall off on my last truck...
Every single one of my wheels has lost all the stick on weights they put on....junk imo...if this is the case, get your tires rebalanced and ask them to use different weights if possible.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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