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Going to Look at a Titan CC today..

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Well, in the town I live in there are zero titans on the road (about 45k population, an hour away from the twin cities in MN).

I currently have an 01 Tundra SR5 V6 Manual decked out with the Ivan Stewart package (a step above the TRD LE package), TRD dual pipes and a few other goodies. Love the truck.

Then new Tundra DC perked my interest, but after driving it I didn't feel it was worth the upgrade, and wasn't much different than my truck.

So I knew the Nissan/GM/VW dealer across from the Toyota dealer had a couple Titans... went in, and they already had sold their CCLE to another dealer... the other SE was in the mall. Went and looked at it.. nice..

The one thing I didn't like was the short bed. I like to be able to pop my ATV into the back, saves the hassle of hooking up a trailer. With the Titan, no way you're closing the tailgate. But it is higher too, so may not be so fun to lift up there anyhow. :)

Got a call yesterday. The Titan I looked at in the mall is back at the dealer, so I am going for a test drive and to "size it up" next to my Tundra. They're looking for a black cc le for me, which is what I want.

I know they're eager to get one on the road... so we shall see when the time to deal comes how eager they really are. Especially when it comes time to give me a trade in value on my Tundra.

Read about all the problems on this board (mostly minor ones) so I can't wait to get in and turn the heater on full blast to listen for the jet engine noise.. LOL!

We'll keep ya updated... I am ready to walk if the deal is not fair (will be paying cash). I'm not 100% sold on the Titan yet. :) But it sure is growing on me.