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Gone, but never forgotten

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Well it's official, I have sold my Titan. And no, I am not buying a Tundra now!

Since Feb I have only put 1200 miles on the truck, and I was getting really tired of the $500+ a month payment. I loved that truck, and I am really going to miss it. But it found a good home in Texas.

Hopefully some where down the line I will find me another one.

This is a great forum; keep it up!

And of course, once I decided to sell my truck the new UpRev tuning and JWT cams become available. Just my luck...
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oh well...... I was the happy recipient of someone who traded in their Titan last year... :)
my payments are much higher than yours, but since i like the truck so much i just accept it.
so i guess someone will be happy!

good luck
Sorry you had to let it go...don't forget to swing by and read up on all the latest Titan gossip. Best of luck to you.
Hell, I am the third owner of mine, and it had less than 27,000 miles. First owner (much like yourself) decided he couldn't afford it. The second owner is a jet-jockey like I was and got deployed. So I was able to make a nice deal on the truck. All it took was one drive!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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