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Good Dealer in South Seattle?

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About ready to pull the trigger. Anybody had good/bad experiences with Nissan dealers in the Seattle area? Stopped by Younkers and Auburn today. Auburn has the one I want, but I have no experience with Nissan. Any help would be great.
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No Joy Today

Well, Auburn had the Smoke LE KingCab with tow, airbags, and offroad alright, but they went and drilled holes into the tiedown racks to install the overhead rack system electrical. Decided to pass and wait awhile. May hold out for the locking dff. latter this spring. Never even got around to talking price.

Thanks for the Bremerton info, and the heads up about Korum. Nissan inventory search says they have what I am looking for. Have not heard back yet, but now I will be a little more prepared.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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