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Good Dealer in South Seattle?

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About ready to pull the trigger. Anybody had good/bad experiences with Nissan dealers in the Seattle area? Stopped by Younkers and Auburn today. Auburn has the one I want, but I have no experience with Nissan. Any help would be great.
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Good dealer in South Seattle reply

I just bought an SE Crew Cab from Advantage Nissan in Bremerton, and I live in Puyallup. The dealership here was very difficult to deal with and they wanted MSRP for the truck. The guys in Bremerton have been great!!! I offered them $500 over invoice and they said "yes", and just the other day they called me back and told me they were going to sell me the truck for $1 under invoice, as Nissan has a new special pricing program starting in March. I am scheduled to pick up my truck on Tuesday afternoon, as it arrived today and the dealer is having my Line-X bed liner put in and the 3M Stonegard applied to the front of the truck to prevent rock chips.....good Luck!!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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