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good mods to start out with???

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ok, ive had my titan for over a year now. ive got exhaust and im about to buy an bruteforce intake. my question is, what should my next mod be? ive done a lot of looking around, but i just wanted to get some of yalls opinions on what i should do.

im a student at FSU, so i dont have all the money in the world. christmas is comin up, so im can get somethin kinda big then, and go from there.

i definitely want uprev tune. should i get that first? and then work my way to headers, and then camshafts? just need an idea on an order to go in. or if it even matters what order i go in.
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Yeah, I'm saving for my Up/Rev Tune right now. I've heard from the guys on here it's worth every penny.
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