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Good news for 2WD with 08+ 4x4 Springs

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I picked up my 08+ 4x4 springs from forum member giimmelub and had them paired up with my Bilstein 5100's. I don't have experience fiddling with spring compressors, so I paid my friend that runs a shop to assemble them for me. My truck is dirty right now, so I won't have good pictures up until this Saturday.

Stock ground-to-fender height: 35" up front
08 springs with 5100 set to 1 ground-to-fender height: 40" up front

My 33" tires are pretty worn down, so I would be sitting at 40.5" easily if I had decent tread on my tires. I could probably run 1.5" spacer with minor coil bucket contact.

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So on a 2005 adding just the 08' 4x4 Springs alone should get me 3.5"? Because I am wanting to level mine an inch higher to match the rear, I could do the springs and just remove my 2.5" spacer? I was thinking of doing the RC arms and the Springs while removing the spacer.
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