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Good news for 2WD with 08+ 4x4 Springs

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I picked up my 08+ 4x4 springs from forum member giimmelub and had them paired up with my Bilstein 5100's. I don't have experience fiddling with spring compressors, so I paid my friend that runs a shop to assemble them for me. My truck is dirty right now, so I won't have good pictures up until this Saturday.

Stock ground-to-fender height: 35" up front
08 springs with 5100 set to 1 ground-to-fender height: 40" up front

My 33" tires are pretty worn down, so I would be sitting at 40.5" easily if I had decent tread on my tires. I could probably run 1.5" spacer with minor coil bucket contact.

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Nice dude! Looks like the springs worked out for you. Just for everyone who is confised... The 08+ coils I put in were quite a bit taller and seemed stiffer than the stock 2wd coils. I've have 2 alignments since installing them, and the 3.5" I picked up were not because of the alignment, or the fact that they hadn't "settled" yet.

I think now that this much lift from just the 08+ coils is getting pretty well known I think they are going to start flying off the shelves!
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What about 08 springs, Bilstein HD's and 2.5" spacer? Anyone running this? Just something I considered trying out.
I tryed that and I was pretty much sitting on the CB.
I believe the 2.5" spacer will be too much for the stock UCA. 1.5" is what they recommend, and 2" is pushing it. It could work if you went the RC route with their UCA's.
You are correct sir, as I said in my last post, I tried that with the 2.5" spacer and was pretty much resting on my coil buckets. If you have stock uca's it's not gonna work!
Yea it's too bad the spacer doesn't fit. I finally just sold mine
Question for you guys. I have a Pgr mini lift with 2.5 blocks in the front and 5100's set at 0 with stock springs on my 08 2wd. I'm sitting at almost 39in's on the stock rims and tires. My question is can I set the 5100's at 1 with the stock springs or is that going to be to demanding on the shock? thanks for any help and sorry for the high jack.
That should be fine, there are quite a few guys running them on the middle setting, and there are even a few guys running them on the very top. You should be ok!
NorCal, When the only mod I had was the 2.5" spacer, it worked out just fine. When I installed the 08+ coils I had the clearance issue, because obv. it was like adding a 2.5" spacer on a 08+ 4x4. RADtitan is talking about adding the 2.5" spacer with 08+ coils as well, which is why I said he is going to have the clearance issues.
Oh ok I get ya. Maybe then it's just because of the total overall lift from the coil and spacer. My coils and spacers were 6" of lift.
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