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Just got this email from Versacover, sounds like good news.

Versacover response:

Hi Joe,

After many discussions with Steve Brallier (our President and General Manager), below is the development schedule for covers to be made for the Nissan Titan:

Nissan Titan Crew Cab (without Utili-Track System) – May 2004
(Those with Utili-Track Systems would need to remove the Utili-Track to be able to install this cover model)

Nissan Titan Crew Cab Cover (for trucks with Utili-Track System) – July 2004

Nissan Titan Ext. Cab (for trucks without Utili-Track System) – July 2004

Nissan Titan Ext. Cab (for trucks with Utili-Track System) - July 2004

This is a realistic estimate for bringing these products to market. Hopefully their development will be quicker than the schedule above, but as of now, this is the most accurate schedule we can put forward.

The reason for the extra time between the 2 Titan Crew Cab Models (one with the Utili-Track and the one without): Custom, low profile hardware designed to take as little space as possible on the track will need to be designed, developed, and mass produced from scratch. This is why the extra 30-60 days added to the development of the cover for the Crew Cab with the Utili-Track System. Once that hardware is developed it will also work on the Nissan Titan Ext. Cab versions.

As before, we anticipate the price to be the same as for all our other covers. If the shipping promotion of $49.00 to any business address in the U.S. is suspended prior to the release of these covers, VersaCover will honor the $49.00 shipping promotion for those Nissan Titan owners who are on our waiting list. To get your name on this waiting list, simply send us an email through our website at, and click on the “Contact Us” page. Simply fill out the information required and send it to VersaCover. You will receive a response notifying you that you are on the waiting (“first notify”) list.

As soon as these covers are released, those who are on the VersaCover Titan waiting list will be notified immediately.

Please post this information on the Nissan Titan Forum as this is the latest information on the timing and availability of these products from VersaCover! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email at anytime.

Again, thank you for your continued interest in VersaCover!


Mark Kidder

VersaCover Tonneau Covers


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thanks, joeandmaria.
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