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Good price on an '07 XE?

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I have a dealer who can sell me an '07 XE with the power package for $23,000 plus tax and tags. Is this a good price, or should I try for more? Thanks
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Nissan rebate is $5000 right now. Try for more.
Yeah, that was with the rebate and with a sticker price of about $32,200.

Guess I forgot to mention it was a 4x4 crew cab which ups the price
anyone else with input?
I know this won't answer your question directly, but I was quoted for a 2007 SE KC 2wd for $20,200 + TTL.
Go to and build the exact vehicle. It will tell you the invoice price. You should not pay a penny over invoice minus the 5,000 rebate. Being its an 07 you might be able to get it for a tad under invoice.
Not a bad price. Sticker on that is $31,200 or so?? You're a little under invoice minus the $5000 rebate. Try to get them for $24K out the door. Good luck
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