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Good shop in Phoenix???

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anyone know of one??? :cheers:
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To do what?
Brundy said:
To do what?

oh yeah i guess that's kind of important huh?? :boxing: right now for getting shocks installed...i think i'm gonna get some bilstein replacements from greg, and if i can't get out to cali to have him install them, i need to find a good shop in phoenix somewhere that can do it....i really don't like taking the truck to shops to get stuff done though, cause i've been screwed too many times in the past with car stuff, but if anyone knows of a good, trustworthy shop, then do tell...:cheers:
A couple of jack stands, a couple of wrenches and about two can be done in your garage....

I had mine off and back on with the level kit in an hour and a half.....I have to admitt if i had the cash i would have gone to a shop also.....
i just gave greg a call and looks like i'll be heading out to cali this saturday to have some donahoe rears and bilstein fronts installed, that is if he has some bilsteins in stock by then, :fingerscrossed:, he's gonna call me back tomorrow to let me know when he's getting another shipment in....i should have called him a couple days ago, as he said he just sold his last set of bilstein fronts yesterday...:boxing: ...i'm afraid that when i'm at his shop i'm gonna talk myself into buying some spindles too....someone tell me that i can't really afford them and don't really need them right now....:teethmast :teethmast :teethmast
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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