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Goodbye ScangaugeII & HELLO........

719 Views 4 Replies 3 Participants Last post by  Titanistic Aeroforce Interceptor!!! I just ordered one for my ride. :) Got tired of the extremely outdated SCII.

Aeroforce Technology Inc | Products - Interceptor

The dual setup is really cool!!! :redblob"

1/4 mile
Intake Air Temperature (post Intercooler)
Ambient Air Temperature (pre Intercooler)
Engine Coolant Temperature
Exhaust Gas Temperature (PCM Calculated)
Transmission Temp. (auto trans)
Manifold Pressure (vacuum/boost) displayed in PSI
Fuel Temperature
Battery Voltage
Battery Temp
Injector Pulse Width in msec.
Injector Duty Cycle (%)
Air Flow Rate into engine
Long Term Fuel Trim
Short Term Fuel Trim
O2 Sensor Voltage
Barometric Pressure
Ignition Advance
Base Spark
PCM Spark Adjust
Fuel Status (open/closed loop)
Wastegate Solenoid Duty Cycle (%)
Knock Retard
Knock Sensor Raw Voltage
Throttle Position Percentage
Throttle Position Sensor Raw Volts
Calculated Net Horsepower
Engine Load
Transmission Slip
Current Transmission Gear
Torque Delivered to Transmission
Torque Converter lockup status
Brake pressure
Brake Booster Travel
Steering Angle
Non-driven Wheel Speed
Lateral G's
Fuel economy (instantaneous and average)
P-ratio - pressure ratio MAP/Barometer
2 user configurable analog inputs**
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Want to sell the SCII?

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Hmmmmmm, no AFR.

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Hmmmmmm, no AFR.
** 0-5v inputs can be configured to read the outputs from MAP sensors, Air/Fuel ratio kits, pressure or temperature sensors, etc. Raw voltage can be displayed or a conversion can be entered to read proper units.

Users will find that ability to log RPM vs other parameters at high speed such as ignition advance, boost, or knock retard invaluable with regards to tuning.

typically you dont get a AFR from most/any OBDII accessories unless it's tied directly to your ECU or stand alone unit. Thats why they are so much more $$$$.

It can be added.....but not included. :eyebrow:
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