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Goodyear Wrangler 275/65/20 on a 2wd?

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Hi Guys,

I'm interested in putting Goodyear Wranglers 275/65/20 on my 2wd CC. I have a 2.5 inch level on the front end. The tires are 34.1 inches high and 11 wide on 8.0's (I have 8.5's).

My current Nitto's are 32.99 high and 10.98 on 8.5's.

Will they fit?

Thanks in advance for your input!

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Are you talking about the new Wranglers with the Silent Armour?
I don't believe they are the silent armor tires, just the AT/S?

Forgive me, I'm ignorant concerning Goodyear tires...
It sounds like they wont, depending on the offset of the wheels. The diameter doesn't sound like it would be a too big of issue since the NCD site says the Titan can easily fit 33s, BUT with the increased width of the tire you are looking to get, I believe they will rub the frame when turned considerably(turning into a driveway or parking spot). Only an offset that makes your wheels stick out farther than the fender line by quite a bit might keep you from rubbing, but looks ridiculous overall.
I think they would fit. Guys have run 35's with just a leveling kit. Offset & Backspacing of the wheels would be really important though. Also the tread. Are they an agressive mud tire w/big lugs, or more like the stock tires?
Like I said, I don't think the diameter is an issue, but he's talking about 11 inch wide tires. That brings the tire considerably closer to the frame.
Here, this should help you in your comparison. Your current tires are wider than the ones you are considering. If you went w/more negative offset wheels, it actually increases the chances of rubbing at the pinch weld. I still think you'll be OK as long as the OS & BS of the wheel isn't too dramatic.

These are the specs for his wheels. OS & BS don't seem to be too much of a problem...JMHO
3115-286620x8.56 on 5.5+10 mm5.1073173-062100 lbs.43 lbs

265/70R18 STOCK TIRE
Section Width:10.43 in 265 mm
Rim Diameter:18 in 457.2 mm
Rim Width Range:7 - 9 in
Overall Diameter:32.60 in 828.04 mm
Sidewall Height:7.30 in 185.42 mm
Radius:16.30 in414.02 mm
Circumference:102.4 in 2600.9 mm
Revs per Mile:638.0

275/65R20 New Tire in Question
Section Width:10.82 in 275 mm
Rim Diameter:20 in 508 mm
Rim Width Range:Unrecognized tire size.
Overall Diameter:34.07 in 865.37 mm
Sidewall Height:7.03 in 178.56 mm
Radius:17.03 in 432.56 mm
Circumference:107.0 in 2717.8 mm
Revs per Mile:610.5
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