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I tried searching on a couple different occasions but didn't find anything...

I've been eyeballing the shiny (chromed/stainless steel/aluminum) ball mounts. Have any of you used one? If yes, what are your thoughts? I saw an aluminum from Anderson Mfg. called the Alumistinger on Amazon.

I like that it's rated for 800/8000. The stainless steel are 600/6000 (such as this one from Bully on

My boat tips the scales right close to 6000 lbs. loaded for a trip.

I have the Class 3 ball mount/ball I've been using on my Tahoe but I would really like to get something new for the new truck and something with a little strenght/rating to spare rather than being right close to the limit.

I don't know even know how much of a drop I'll need yet as I've not hooked up to boat yet. I'll flip the ball on what I have now (was using it as a 'rise' on the Tahoe) and then make that call.

But I'm really looking for some feedback on the 'shiny' ball mounts.

If I don't go shiny, I may go cushioned... that'd be nice!


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