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got flowmaster 40, wantin headers

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so ive got a flowmaster 40 series dual exhaust on my truck, and im wanting to get some jba headers. they have a sale on them for 350-471 on right now. my question is, ive heard that you lose some low end power with the banks exhaust if you get headers, but not if you have jba exhaust, which makes sense. but ive searched and searched, and havent found any info about gettin headers with the flow40. anybody else have this setup? and how does it run?

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i have the JBA cat 4ward headers and duals from the cats back with 3 chamber flowmasters. i am looking for something else right now. i believe that to much low end power is lost so i am looking to drop both muffler and go with maybe a dual in dual out single big block or maybe a dual in single out. i would love some help on this if anyone has anything. thanks!
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