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Got Jbas an B pipes

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Picked up my stage 1 kit from Cajun at ups yesterday going to begin install after work tonight. Read all the walk thrus an been soaking in PB blaster. Gotta say these things are almost to pretty to put on a truck Jeffs welds are the best I have ever seen an I will review total package once installed an dialed in thus far this has all exceeded my expectations in service an quality.


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Will do gonna start tear down tonight after work already got wheel wells an heat shields out. Been using PB blaster since Tuesday should go together without incident weather permitting been cloudy and rainy here in central Texas.
So been working on it since Saturday thought i could do thru weekend boy was I wrong. I am no ninja with wrenches but grasshopper status for those who used to watch Kung fu tv show. Working about 3 hours a day on it with work an other things finally got it all finished last night cept for one motor mount bolt to the frame. Started it revved a couple times wow sounds great may get a resonator if ye ol lady complains about it. I will fix bolt tonight an get with joe on the tuning an report back. But so far not incredibly hard but very tedious an just time consuming the walk thrus on here saved me from going to a shop plan on having it done. The headers an bpipes lined up perfect Jeff make a super solid product sorry for the longs post just a lot thoughts on it.
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Drove it around some didn't floorboard it but it's pretty loud under load but just a hint of drone around 1500 to 200o not bad though.
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First run this morning heading to work FM road 6am middle of nowhere not tuned yet an windows up.
If you have all the tools an goes smoothly I'd say 6-8 hours if 4wd less if 2wd. Took me the course of a few days with work an life just take your time an pb blaster your best friend all in the prep work I'd say spray them for a few days prior.
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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