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Hi yall, my names aaron i bought my titan back in july of last year, got screwed on the price it happens but thats ok, i was originally looking for a completely different truck! Never thought id ever have a nissan but im so glad i do. This truck kicks *** with 70k miles on it not a single scratch ot stain inside. Other than the fact that i just cracked a window and a little paint wear under the chrome trim i took off this thing is incredible! I didnt want a 2wd but it was the only option and i love offroad so this is gonna be a mild pre runner build. I dont need a full race ready truck, got a wife and baby girl to haul around :), but enough that i can run down some trails and have some fun. Anyone that has a wife and kids im sure can relate to the fact that truck parts arent priority but it will happen slowly but surely! Calling it project emergency response or projectER because my other reason for wanting a truck that can get around offroad is for that rare occasion that there is a search for a missing person or natural disaster or something similar around me that i can do my part in. Id love to see pictures of your setup and plans for your truck. Look forward to getting to know all of you!
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