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Got my 12" under the rear seat PITA!!!

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I finally got around to building an underseat (rear seat) enclosure for my Alpine S type 12" what a pain in the arse! The tolerances were so tight I had to cut a hole in the top panel for the magnet and seal up the hole with an 8x8" piece of MDF. To break it down, the 8x8" piece sits about center in the rear driver side seat so it still allows the seat to be fully locked in the down position. If I would have simply made the box tall enough all around the box would have interfered with the seat frame and not allowed for the seat to fully lock in the down position. I knew it was tight as a gnats ***, but I built it anyways and it worked. I optested it for a few weeks and today got around to finishing it. The attached pics are the result. Pro tips: Get your 3/4 MDF as shelving panels vs. MDF sheet from Home depot, same stuff, waaay cheaper. Second, get your felt from Joann Fabric $5.99 for 1 yardx72" again way cheaper than most speaker carpet (which is felt, same crap!). Get 3M 45 general spray adhesive, no need for the specialized adhesives for a basic speaker cab. Anyhow I'll get off my horse.


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Your box Looks really good! Here's what I built awhile back. Its 2 12" sealed enclosure. Hits really hard! I originally had JL12W0's but eventually blew them. Picked some low end Fosgate's but the diameter was bigger and thats where you can see i had to cutout/notch the lip on rhe front side of the box and I ended up blowing those too! So my amp was too strong for these so I finally found the right sub as depth wise my box was 6.5" deep. These Kicker CompR's have only a 5.75" top mount depth and can handle 500 rms which was perfect for running the bridged. I did the seat mod which gave me a clearance of 2 more inches that way when the subs are hitting they don't hit the bottom of the seat! I also used 1lb of polyfill in each chamber. think I'm gonna rebuild another box just because those 2 notches I cutout is really making my sub box look ghetto lol!

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how does it sound?
It sounds good, could be better. I ran a LOC from the OEM amps sub outs so the signal is already crossed over. I run my amp full range. If I tapped into the preamp outs from the head unit I would be able to cross it over to my liking instead of the RF systems presets. Sounds way better than stock sub though.
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