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got my truck back =)

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so got my truck back last week but been busy at work to post anything or any updates. so you can see i still have yet installed the driver's side front fender flare as it's still sitting in the unopened box as i told the body shop not to install it. wasn't sure if i was going to install the new set or sell it? i'm debating :serious: truck rides great! still paranoid as every sound i hear i feel like the wheel is gonna fly off. so what was done from the body shop with the approval of the insurance was new Maxtrac spindle, LCA, SPC Cambolts, Inner/Outer tie rods, caliper, caliper bracket, slotted/cross drilled rotors with new pads and the extended brake line. i did get the extra parts since everything is sold as left/right set. since they didn't do anything to the passenger side i'll install the passenger inner/outer tie rods. i do feel a very big improvement since they did change the driver's side tie rods. i think Pale Rider did his and like he mentioned the truck no longer feels like it drifts left and right. the steering actually feels nice and firm instead of loose with some slight play. also, had the 3" spacers removed and the truck drives true and straight after they performed the alignment. at first the shop had issues finding an alignment shop because 4 of the places they brought it to said the truck was too wide :laugh: so i told the shop to remove the spacers since i was gonna remove it any ways.

now the company i bought the bearings from said they're going to refund the $109 i paid for the bearings but denied the Damage Claim form i submitted due to when they saw the pictures i sent to them per their request they determined that because the truck was lifted and had bigger tires they said that's what caused the hub bearing to fail. i told them that's BULL because nowhere does it state on their website did it state that these hub bearings cannot be used on lifted applications. i have yet got a response from them in over a week. so i think i'm screwed on that. i'm sure if i hire a lawyer i would have better results but it would cost more money in the long run so i decided to say ef it! so just wanted to give you guys the update.

edit: i forgot to add, the wheel could not be fixed so i ended up getting a new wheel!

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You'll be paranoid about that forever. I just put spacers back on mine after I had a wheel fall off and every little twitch in the steering wheel scares the crap out of me. Glad you're back!
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