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Got rid of Halos

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So I had HALO headlights for about 5 months or so. During this time I had LEDs bur out, and after I found that one of the rings is not glowing, I thought it is time to take them off and repair. They are fogging pretty bad during car wash and it got to a point that I got some sand inside + the glass is all dirty from the inside. So I went to a service where I had the HIDs installed to chenge lights back to stock and get some new bulbs for the stock headlights to keep the HIDs.

They gave me 5000k phillips bulbs. I looked at the lights and though - Stocks don't look that bad afterall. So it got dark after I got off work, I turn them on - and Bahhh - daylight. I didn't even thought that stock headlights with HIDs are that bright. I got yet to see another car with brighter HIDs then mine. Now I though - damn the HALOs I am keeping stock headlights!!! I was thinking of resealing the halos, but unless I put new lenses in there - they are very poor output. Do you guys now of any mod, that can be done to the Halos, so that they would be at least 2x times brighter?
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PTitan said:
Time to change the mods list.....
Yeah, so it doesn't take up 9/10th's of a page......
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