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Gotta sell my Truck :(

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Ya, im in a bad situation and need to sell my truck. work isnt going tooo well and need to sell. I have a 2006 KC titan SE. the truck is in good shape. i do have scratches on the truck. Front bumper has scrapes from work. also my tailgate was pushed out abit. It comes with a 6cd system, captains chair, foglamps, 2wd, storage containers under rear seats. I havent done much to the truck. I have 20 % tints all around including windshield. Banks catback exhaust, Tinted tail lights, and installed a Linex Bedliner. i took good care of the truck, oil changes on time. The scratches were from work. J/W what can i expect to sell my truck for? and if anyone is interested let me i said i wanna sell it. Thanks guys. I hope once i finish with school and work gets better i will def buy a new titan again becuase i love the truck. Wouldnt dare buy anyother.
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Sorry to hear times are not good for you but you have the right outlook. Do what you have to with an eye to making things better. As far as what you can get try it's pretty easy to use and will give you an idea of what you can sell it for in your area. I hope everything works out for ya.:cheers:
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