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When you own a truck and looking for a set of custom wheels, it becomes a real task, as not all of them can meet your requirements. They should not only be great-looking, but also be able to handle all the adventures you've planned for your truck. Guys at Method Race Wheels understand it the best, as they are committed off-road enthusiasts. They follow this philosophy, when design their wheels, known among off-road racers and builders all over the world, and they are finally available at CARiD.

The product line of Method Race Wheels may not include as much wheels styles like other brands, but it didn't stop them from being so popular and demanded. They are designed and manufactured to withstand the toughest off-road abuse. The wheels are cast from a lightweight, yet very strong, aluminum alloy that allows the wheels to survive torturous off-road abuse with ease. They've been tested by professional off-road racers in many competitions throughout the country. Method Race wheels are available in truck and buggy sizes, with or without beadlocks.

Method Race Custom Wheels from an Authorized Dealer

When it comes to a reliable, rugged looking custom wheels that you can count on, Method Race Wheels is your number one choice!
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