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Great customer service deserves recognition!

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I just want to thank whoever posted the the link to I would first like to say that I am in no way affiliated with them. I just want to share my positive experience as these are the ones that rarely get reported (in general but on this site we are fortuante to get both good and bad reviews of things).

I recently looked to order some splash guards, wheel locks, and a spare tire lock from various Nissan parts websites. The nissanpartspeople site had the best prices overall except for the wheel locks which I found cheaper on another site. The total order however was cheaper at their site even though the locks were about $3.00 more. I e-mailed nissanpartspeople and asked if they would match the item but even if they couldn't, I still wanted the order I placed.

Well, I just checked my credit card online and they subtracted the difference in prices of the wheel locks from my order. This type of customer service does not seem to be as common as it once was but as I replied to them, I will always check their site first.

This all being said, if you need parts for your Titan be sure to give'em a shot as they definitely deserve it. I am confident you will not be disappointed.
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37L1 said:
Based on your posting, I ordered a hood protector and splash guards from this outfit. Their price for these items totaled $129.95 including $10.95 for shipping. Not bad, right? Well . . . . . .

I received an email reply from "Tim" of customer service that notified me that the $59.50 hood protector will cost $40.20 to ship. That's right $40 to ship a $60 part. Paying $100 for a part I could get at a Nissan dealer for $70. :huh:

That stuck me as absurd and I questioned why they did not make this known prior to my submitting my order and why their website calculator did not notify me at the time of my placing this item into my cart.

Customer service replied by directing my attention to the checkout screen which states, "Some items of exceptional size or weight will have additional shipping costs."

A hood protector isn't heavy and it isn't all that large but "Tim" said it was the packaging that was "huge." He left me the option of removing the hood protector from the order or cancelling the entire order. He would not do anything else to keep my business as I had asked him to honor the original price that was quoted when I placed my order.

I am very disappointed in this company based on this experience. :flamed:

Has anyone else had this problem when ordering a hood protector? Am I out of line and being a "hard ***" posting this on the forum? :dunno:

Your help and suggestions are always appreciated. :)
I am sorry to hear about your bad experience 37L1. I am not sure what constitutes a heavy item but I work for the US Postal Service and they do charge a premium for larger items. I hope that you can find what you are looking for at the price you want though. Good luck.
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