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Are these just a decorative light? I have them on my '23 XD Pro.
So from what I've been reading is that any truck 80" or wider require them. So my stock 2019 Pro4x is 79.5" so if I even think of adding wider tires or wheel spacers, I'm supposed to get them. Well I'm sure no one is ever going to pull me over and measure my truck.

You can read more about it here: Truck/Bus/MPV Poster Table for Website

Front Clearance Lamps-
Attention: Required for vehicles 2032mm wide or wider
( P2, PC* or P3*,PC2)
*photometrically certified at installation angle
Show vehicle's width
Minimum 2​
At widest point - symmetrical - on the front or near the front - facing forward
As high as practicable​
Front Identification Lamps (ID) (P2 or P3)Indicate presence of a wide vehicle
Exactly 3​
on the front - center - horizontally spaced 150 mm (6 in.) to 300 mm (12 in.) apart
As high as practicable or on top of cab​

If I'm reading this right, and if you're familiar with "chicken lights" (lights on cabs of big trucks) on those the outer two lights are required to show the width of the vehicle to oncoming traffic, while the inner 3 are there to "indicate a wide vehicle". I read somewhere that Manufacturers are interpreting "as high as practicable" as being on the grill, not the roof.

All that being said, they look cool and I'm reading this thread because I plan on doing this to mine. I've already sent back one set of lights because i couldn't come up with a good way to mount them, but I may try what Darr did. I saw the round ones someone did here that pop in but I didn't really like that look.

SO, I'm probably about to order these and try it out.

I think that for you guys with XD's it's a factory option. I don't think it ever was for the non XDs. I wonder if it's automatic upgrade if you do anything to cross that 80" boundary.
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