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Guess whats under the XE center console

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I removed the center console/seat on my 04 XE and there was a miniture console bolted to the floor. Now, I have lots more room. I can even reach the passenger side door while seated on the drivers side.

You have to try this out for a few days.

14mm socket required.
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i took mine off to try. there is a small console hidden under it. i have an 05 kc. anyone know why it is here?
Do you think it is just XE. I have SE and bench seats so I can't really check myself. I'm curious about this. If someone knows what it's doing there please, chime in.
I have the KC bench seat also, and there is a plastic cup tray under the center. Why, I have no idea. Just run your hand under there and you can feel the cup holders.
WTF, over? :huh: I just checked mine ('05 KC, Bench). I can't see it but I slid my hand under the front of the center seat and there it is. I can feel the molds for the cup holder. Anybody else have any ideas?:dunno:
It's a plastic cover for the airbag computer, why they molded cup holders into it, I'll never know.
Sammy Sandbag said:
It's a plastic cover for the airbag computer, why they molded cup holders into it, I'll never know.
Just in case, just in case... :cheers: :huh:
It was put there in case you wanted a walk through cabin. Just take the center beanch/console out and walla!! walk through and still have cup holders...............Ok ok thats not true but it sounded good.
It's so you can hide your weed, mahn!

:smoke: :smoke: :smoke: :smoke:
lets see a pic guys....what are u talkin bout?
mine has it too. ?????????????????????
Aquaholic said:
mine has it too. ?????????????????????
I would say yes. I just checked mine and it is there.

I like the current center console. Its perfect for an armrest and the portable DVD player for the kids. :)
its an easter egg treat for you guys courtesy of nissan.
hahaha! how random to see this post... i did this the other day to install my inverter there... i removed that plastic thing with the weird cup holders... I guess they figured if you wanted to remove your center seat you could still have a place to put some drinks???

yea it frees up alot of room and gives you some place to stick hidden goodies.
Great find here, left post on thread above, was looking to remove seat and Mod for storage of computer or Inverter or 12 volt ice box with padded top so I still have 6 sests (major reason I bought the Titan, 6 seats and rear legroom). Just amazing I found this!:frogtongu
I don't know why they put that there, I guess you have the option of removing the bench seat for more space.
The neat little things you find... I sell the [email protected] things and didn't even know about it. You guys (and girls) are a fountain of knowledge!!!
thats crazy i have a 06 xe 4dr and its got them too
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