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6 months ago i had a converter back dual exhaust put on my truck. Ran Perfect with 78,000 miles. I left the shop went to Krogers and it wouldnt start. i had to crannk it 5 times for it to start and when i took it out to see how it sounds and feels like there is not back pressure. they put a flowmaster 2 in 2 out with 3 1/2" pipes. when i kicked it into passing gear it bogged out and the check engine light came on. took it back and they said i had a "#7 cylinder misfire and that the exhaust had nothing to do with it. I took it to Nissan and they confirmed the code. bought a new Coil and changed all my Spark Plugs to the Factory laser iridium. It ran ok for a day or 2 then when i give it the gas , check engine light flashes and it has no power. I took another coil off another cylinder and changed them out to see if problem is running better but it will run great if you ease it up to 85 on the Interstate but if I have to kick it down ...check engine light. i put a max energy programmer on it today..i had it from my previous 2004 gave me a Code of P078c transmission control module so now im even more Perplexed haha.

This is my 2nd Titan and ive really had no problems out of either one(Well the brakes on the 2004 sucked but we all faced that) so if ANYONE can help me id appreciate it

Also, i didnt clear the Program out of my old Titan so Hypertech wont let me upgrade the Programmer i have without 200 dollar fee. Anyone know away around this im pretty tech savy.

thank you
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